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Frequently Asked Questions!

We know you have them. Those pesky questions about the products, or where do we ship, or how fast, or costs of shipping, or ... you get the idea! You've come to the right page. Here, we answer all your most common questions about the general info on our products. If we don't have your question answered here, feel free to drop us a line and ask, and we'll add it!

1 - How fast will I get my order? Where do you ship? How much does shipping cost?

All of our products take about two weeks to create, pack, and ship. This gives us time to push the products to our print on demand printing partners, who then print, pack, and ship your order to you! This does mean that your order may come in multiple packages. All shipping is charged at USPS rates by weight, and we only ship to addresses in the United States, territories, and AFO/FPO. We do NOT ship internationally. 

2 - How fast will you ship my order?

Our products are generally shipped within ten business days of receiving your order, because the print on demand products are made on demand and take a few days to make prior to being able to ship. However, delivery to you is dependent on time of year and other outside factors, like the recent COVID pandemic. Time of year affects shipping as well. The fall and winter holidays can slow things by a few days, but we keep our blog updated with important shipping delays if they happen, as well as reaching out to our customers individually if necessary. 

3 - Do you accept custom orders? How much does a custom order cost?

Sorry, but no. We're just that busy, so we don't have the time needed to devote ourselves to making sure your custom order would be perfect.

4 - Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

No, because we do have some orders that end up having to be shipped via DHL, and they can not be shipped to P.O. Boxes. In those cases, we will not process your order, but will instead contact you to give you a chance to change your ship-to address.

5 - Do you carry any scents that are from other companies, such as trademarked scents?

Any Designer/Brand Type fragrances used in our products are designed by our scent suppliers in an attempt to imitate fragrances sold by that Designer/Brand. Although remarkably similar to the original name brand versions, they are not identical. Homestead Crafter is not affiliated in any way with any of the Designer/Brand Types. We do not sell, nor have we ever sold, any merchandise produced by them, and none of our products are sponsored, licensed, or endorsed by them. All trademarked names and service marks remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. The fragrances we use in making our products are sourced from reputable suppliers who create their own scents, and may attempt to imitate brand name scents. We have no control over this, and only purchase the fragrance oils created by these companies to use in our wax melts.

6 - I've got a LOT of followers on social media. Can you give me product for free in exchange for exposure on my social media account(s)?

No. We are not trying to be mean by saying this. It's just how it is. First of all, exposure doesn't pay the bills. Second, we have a specific rule in place to cover this exact situation. Homestead Crafter never has and never will work for ‘exposure’ or use any form of ‘exposure’ as a replacement for payment. No form of negotiation on this will be tolerated. Any continued form of negotiation on this subject, after the customer has been made aware of the preceding two sentences, will result in a 10% increase in the final cost for their order.

7 - What is wax brittle? I know what a wax melt is, but what is this brittle stuff?

Wax brittle is just like a wax melt, used the same way, except that the hot wax is poured into thin sheets which are broken up when the wax has cooled. Wax melts come in those lovely clamshells, but if you have a small wax melter or don't want to use a lot at once, melts can be a bit messier since you have to cut the cubes up or figure out how to break some off. Brittle is a lot like candy brittle, but you don't want to eat this! The fragrance oils and colorants/dyes used can make the otherwise edible wax taste really nasty, and could make small children sick. We highly recommend keeping the brittle in a safe place away from children.