Welcome to the blog for the shop.

I kinda suck at writing. Amazing thing. Astrologically, I'm a Gemini. You know, the sign of communication? I'm abso-f**king-lutely AMAZEBALLS at communicating verbally. But in print? Write that s**t down? Oh H**L no! That commits me to living with what I wrote and while I write pretty decently, I simply HATE writing. Or texting. My family and friends are well used to getting voice snippets from me via text because it's not enough to need a phone call but I don't feel like typing out more than OK or Whatever. Communications-wise, I'm pretty d**n lazy. 

Oh yeah, and I cuss a lot. Hence the stars up there. Don't want the website people, aka Etsy, to get upset over "adult language" here. But I do cuss. A LOT. Like, at my Just Over Broke that I do just to get out of the house and keep from getting bored, if my supervisor heard how many f-bombs I drop in a day, I wouldn't have said job. 

Anyhow...I also tend to get easily distracted when I write and go off on tangents that have no actual relation to the original reason for writing.

I love designing things via Print On Demand. It's fairly easy and I get a full shop fast without having to be the one worrying about inventory and the like. I want to create, I don't necessarily want to have to be the one dealing with picking, packing, and shipping. So most of what you pay for my mugs and such actually goes to the priinter so I don't have to deal with that s**t. Designing is fun. The rest is pure bulls**t to me. I'm happy to pay through the nose to get someone to do the stuff I hate doing, especially when they're so much better at it than I am.

Currently, I'm just doing mugs, but eventually, I plan on expanding to other items as well. Right now, I'm sticking to something quick and easy to work with to get things rolling. So keep checking the shop for new mugs and then new other things. You never know what might turn up here!