Favorite Links!

Some of our favorite places on the internet that are cat- and dog-related, other than the AKC and CFA, of course. Yes, you can shop at many of these, but they carry products that are not similar to ours, and we are always happy to help out our fellow animal friends as best we can!

Our Missions:
Genesee County Humane Society Amazon Wishlist
Genesee County Humane Society Chewy Wishlist
Ozark Humane Society Wishlist - They do not have much on their Amazon wishlist, but this is a comprehensive list on their site of what they need. If you choose to purchase something for them, have it shipped to: 5147 West Rock Springs Rd, Harrison, Arkansas, 72601.

Cat-Related Links:
Cole And Marmalade - they have links on their site to all of their stores, Etsy, Amazon, etc.
Jackson Galaxy - The Cat Daddy himself has a shop packed FULL of great toys for your cats! I absolutely love this guy's YouTube channel, and I've learned so much about my cats and their behaviors from him so I could be the best Kitty Mama possible.
Ripple Rugs - This is an amazing interactive toy for your cats.

Dog-Related Links:
Shirosuki on YouTube - One of a handful of cute doggo videos, Shiro, Suki, and the potats get all kinds of love here for sheer adorableness in these Shiba Inus.
Charlie The Golden - A Golden Retriever channel on YouTube, one of our faves.
McCann Dog Training - Super videos on ways to train your dog. A video he did on stopping your dog from pulling helped me cure my dog of pulling when nothing else worked.
TuckerBudzyn - My absolute favorite doggie YouTube, this Golden Retreiver and his little son Todd make my day. The captioning of the videos by his human, Courtney, who Tucker insists is named Linda, can lift my spirits on the worst of days.